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Breaking Bad Color Doodle by Kenpudiosaki

First- knew who this was before reading the title. For something you consider a sketch- I think this is amazing!! The piece is refined ...

Transformers Prime: Starscream by Kumensia

Alright, here comes an honest crit. The loose style- i am envious of- I am so anally tight that my stuff tends to look stiff. Yours doe...


WTH is this? I hate DA's new page layout for my page. I don't know what this is, but figured, hey, why not type something in it and see what happens?
Pharma (repaint) by edf
Pharma (repaint)

Finished my repaint.  My first one- came out rather good considering.  Stuff didn't fit back together perfectly- I should have filed some joints better or taped out better- paint made some very tight.


I dud use a fine brush, but due to my hand tremor- some lines aren't the best.  But like I said- first time.


Also, I did forget to put a piece back in and decided to not put it in- its right by his head- I didn't want to risk ruining the pain taking the cockpit off since it is a really tight squeeze.  It bother's the daylights out of me, but I don't want to ruin it


I also opted to not add the red cross on his wings- at least not yet.  Overall, for my first repaint- not so bad- But I dunno if id's be ok with adding them in.

I do have to read up on pints- this does chip some where I moved the joints.
Flawed, but learning!

I used the new starscream armada toy- and the idea to do a pharma repaint was not my idea- you'll see another one out there ( painted better yes, but I changed the blue color)


Hopyou al enjoy!  Yayas, I got a pharma toy now!

Umrealtrace01wipshow002 by edf
back from the dead ( art that is.  Been working on this ever so slowly and figured i'd show another WIP.  Not sure about his face ( drawing is very old)  I will finish his body up then most likely redraw the face.  Not sure on head placement, but when I draw in the neck i'll be able to tell better.  Feedback appreciated
jiwie sk 2 by edf
jiwie sk 2
Refined a few things- tho the eyes don't match up. ( I can NEVER draw matching

but I kinda gave her a lopsided hair cut- may be a bit longer than anticipated- but I am going for a symmetrical appearance with the exception of the hair.
jiwie sk 01 by edf
jiwie sk 01
quick sketch- drew a mouth, was too far down- then couldn't redraw it- I pretty much erased through the paper.

Anyway, sketch isn't done and all, but just wanted you to see where I was going. ( ps- I used my comp to take a pic, so its me holding th epic up- it is a tad distorted)
  • Mood: Joy

opening up commissions!  I got a week off school, and can use some extra cash. 

Got a few different types:

colored sketches-  5$  Many slots

Portrait ( shoulders up)
sketch 3 Paint tool Sai 01 by edf Day7- prowl by edf Sketch of the day 10 MLPcolored by edf Sketch of the day by edf

 Paint tool Sai- line art- 10$  color-15 
Pharma Snowy Portrait by edf

Illustrator- line art- 15$  ( can get much more detailed) 

color 20$
No Longer Your Friend by edf

full body- 25-40$ depending, discuss with me.
Drift 1 by edf

Limit of 2 characters. 

Writing commissions:

I can write as well, 1,500 words for 5 bucks, ratio goes on (you do have a 200 word grace period- meaning, story won’t stop right at 1500, but I will plan to make it end soon)- One slot taken.

As for writing- examples are found below:  I will state, I do have a grammarly account I use, my recent fanfics are put trough them, however, my earlier one’s were not. 


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